Lakes & Lagoon

Theme principle

A better understanding of the lakes, lagoon (boating lake) and related drainage will lead to better informed management decisions and works that will improve water quality for people and wildlife.

Dredging, Islands & Landscaping 2019

Starting w/c 14th January, improvements to the ecology & recreational potential of the lagoon and freshwater lakes. 

Sluice Channel Bridge Works 2019

Also starting w/c 14th January, pier repairs and a new bridge over the sluice channel that links the lagoon to Poole Harbour.

Only Rain Down the Drain

A July 2018 awareness campaign that involved drain marking within and outside the Park with the aim of preventing water pollution in the lakes & lagoon.

Research & monitoring

In 2015 Bournemouth University’s Global Environmental Solutions (BUG) consulting team were funded by the HLF to research and monitor the water quality and ecology of the boating lake and two smaller freshwater ponds in Poole Park. The one-year long study provided the baseline data required to inform on-going management decisions

Poole Park Lakes Facebook Group

As part of the research and monitoring work, a Poole Park Lakes Facebook Group was set up enabling & encouraging members of the public to become involved in scientific research at the lakes and lagoon.

The aim of the page is to allow the public to upload photos of water levels (via the gauge board by The Kitchen restaurant), incident sightings (pollution from drains), algal blooms and flora and fauna sightings.

Please join us and share your images and other information:

The lakes & lagoon (boating lake) explained

The Victorians designed Poole Park to include a large boating lake, 21Ha (51 acres) in size, and for the first 100 years it was managed solely for boating. However, the research project has shown it to be much more than just a boating lake and should be managed as a sluice-controlled saline lagoon.

Five information panels were produced (below) during the consultation period to explain about the lakes and lagoon in some detail. The panels provide background information, key findings of the Research project and proposals for the future.

Concept views, July 2016

Potential works identified:

  • Dredging more silt from the lake bed to deepen the water
  • Creating new reed beds around the lake edges from the dredged material
  • Refreshing the existing islands and creating new ones
  • Automating the sluice gate that controls the water level
  • Improving the infrastructure that feeds water in to the park lakes
  • Educating local residents and businesses on the effect of surface water that ends up in the park

The drainage within the park is also being addressed, either as part of the improvements to the roads, or in specific works, such as around the cricket pitch.

News Archive

Poole Park Location Plan

Download the Poole Park Location Plan

PDF (600kb)

The Masterplan 2017

The Masterplan 2017

A visual guide and summary of the range of proposals for improving Poole Park (pdf, 2MB).

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