The Rose Garden 2019


As part of the improvements to Poole Park, visitors can now enjoy established planting in the Rose Garden which has been recreated as a ‘Garden of Memories and Reflection’.

Celebration event July 2019

Celebration event July 2019

The improvements follow public consultation on a concept design in 2016, and further consultation in December 2018 regarding the new planting plan

Works were then carried out between December 2018 and May 2019, and the garden opened with a celebration event on 6th July. 

A year on and the planting has really established and park users are enjoying this revitalised space.
Below: photos and video from June 2020

The aim of the project was to provide a beautiful and special place to visit for pure enjoyment, or for a quiet moment of remembrance and reflection to grieve or recall happy moments.

The works included extensive replanting of the existing rose beds which now combine roses with a range of flowers that may evoke memories of childhood and different stages of life. Being surrounded by familiar plants is known to have a positive benefit to people’s health including those suffering from dementia. The use of culinary herbs references the site’s use as a kitchen garden in the Park’s early years.

The soil in all beds was replaced prior to planting to avoid infecting the new plants with any existing diseases often associated with sites that have contained roses over a long time.

The grassed paths have been widened for better access amongst the beds. Seating has been installed within the centre of the garden to provide opportunity to rest amongst the flowers and take in their sent, colour and form. Vegetation in the existing beds fronting Park Drive has been reduced in height and the main entrance opened up to make the garden more visible and inviting and visitors are now welcomed by new planting of grasses and aromatic plants and a rose arch made of oak which will support climbing roses and colourful clematis.

We hope that you enjoy spending time in the garden and give our thanks to the parks maintenance team, to garden volunteers and to the National Heritage Lottery Fund for making this happen.

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