A £2.7 million Heritage Fund Grant

Awarded June 2017

Learn all about the park improvements happening this year

Access works - 2020

Making the park more pedestrian-friendly, removing & planting trees, new lighting & improved drainage

Play improvements - 2020

Improving the existing play areas and introducing a play landscape for all ages and abilities throughout the park

All six project themes

A reminder of the full range of improvements being carried out in the park

Latest News

We're in our 4 year delivery phase - we're getting things done!

Works Update & Lagoon Drain down

From Monday 10th February the lagoon will be drained down to allow the Council to repair areas of concrete promenade and walls. These will be very localised repairs and the length of drain down will depend on the progress of works. Along the Carriage Drive two...

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Westfield toilets are being refurbished.

From Monday 3rd February BCP Council will be refurbishing the public toilets at Poole Park Westfield. During this time the facilities will be closed, however we will be providing some portable toilets and directing park visitors to the public facilities at The Ark...

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January 2020 Works update

Welcome to the first update of 2020, there are various works and plans in place to share with you: The Rose Garden paths have been improved already this year, with new tarmac surfacing over the old paths. The roses themselves have also had a careful prune back and are...

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