A £2.7 million Heritage Fund Grant

Awarded June 2017

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Access works - 2020

Making the park more pedestrian-friendly, removing & planting trees, new lighting & improved drainage

Play improvements - 2020

Improving the existing play areas and introducing a play landscape for all ages and abilities throughout the park

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We're in our 4 year delivery phase - we're getting things done!
Week 14. Access Improvements Update

Week 14. Access Improvements Update

This week sees the work in the first three phases of the Access Improvements move towards re-opening. From Saturday 25th July the Seldown Entrance from the town centre will re-open to vehicles providing access to Westfield car park. Not all of the work is complete and...

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Week 13. Access Improvements Update

Week 13. Access Improvements Update

We are entering a key phase of the Access improvement works in Poole Park. Next week (from 20th July) the tarmac surfacing will take place from the Seldown entrance through to the water fountain area and all of Westfield car park. This will allow public access again...

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Greylag Goose project 2020

Greylag Goose project 2020

Bournemouth University student and Birds of Poole Harbour volunteer Thomas Weston, has been back in the park over the last few weeks to continue his study of Poole Park's Greylag Geese population. The aim of the study is to discover where Greylag geese go after they...

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