Poole Park Forum

Stakeholder Group

Poole Park Stakeholder Forum comprises representatives from on-site businesses, user groups and other organisations with an interest in the park. The group meets on a quarterly basis, getting together to discuss works, activities, events and other goings-on in Poole Park.

It’s an informal meeting (plenty of tea and biscuits) where all park stakeholders can share their news and keep up to date.

Meeting dateDownload the Minutes
5th July 2021Minutes of the Meeting
4th March 2020Minutes of the Meeting
4th December 2019Minutes of the Meeting
4th September 2019Minutes of the Meeting
5th June 2019Minutes of the Meeting
6th March 2019Minutes of the Meeting
18th December 2018Minutes of the meeting
5th September 2018Minutes of the meeting
6th June 2018Minutes of the meeting
7th March 2018Minutes of the meeting
29th Nov 2017Minutes of the meeting
20th July 2017Minutes of the Meeting
25th May 2017Minutes of the Meeting
19th January 2017Pre-Bid Submission Meeting Agenda
13th December 2016Minutes of the Meeting
3rd February 2016Minutes of the Meeting
13th October 2015Minutes of the Meeting
15th July 2015Minutes of the Meeting
5th May 2015Minutes of the Meeting

If you run or belong to a group that is involved with Poole Park, and you would like to participate in Forum meetings, please get in touch with Martin or Toni:

Email Martin Whitchurch, Project Manager

Or email Toni Powell, Community Engagement Officer

Telephone: 01202 261700