Heritage & Landscape

Theme principle

Restoring original features, enhancing their setting and ensuring Poole Park retains its original Victorian characteristics whilst improving the quality of the landscaping.

War Memorials & Park Entrances 2018

These projects progressed to a successful completion during 2018. Park entrance pillars have been sensitively restored, and the setting of both memorials extensively enhanced with information presented on the history and relevance of the spaces.

The Mayor of Poole, Cllr Sean Gabriel, officially re-opened the War Memorials on 10th November 2018:

Work continues on other Heritage & Landscape projects:

  • Rose Gardens and Putting Green site. These two spaces will both be improved, with new planting and an emphasis on community use and increased sensory planting.
  • At the site of the old Go-Kart Track (located between the freshwater lakes) – this space was improved in 2018 to create a ‘Quiet Garden’, a peaceful haven for people and wildlife with hedging to create a sense of enclosure and shelter [project detail page to follow].
  • The landscaping of the freshwater ponds will be improved to re-create original views, a new planting scheme and better surfacing and access to the water’s edge.
  • A tree planting plan for the whole park that will see a net gain of trees across all of the improvements, to ensure the avenue is retained, clumps of planting on lake promontories and elsewhere and to make sure future planting is appropriate.

In addition, other landscaping improvements will be made, such as replacing metal railings around grass areas, replacing concrete or wooden bollards and reducing areas with poor surfacing or landscaping.

Consultation feedback & revised concepts July 2016

Below is the April 2016 consultation feedback for all project themes, assessed and summarised in a design review summary document. Alongside are two revised concept drawings that resulted from the Heritage & Landscape element of the consultation:


News Archive

Poole Park Location Plan

Download the Poole Park Location Plan

PDF (600kb)

The Masterplan 2017

The Masterplan 2017

A visual guide and summary of the range of proposals for improving Poole Park (pdf, 2MB).

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