Heritage & Landscape

Theme principle

Restoring original features, enhancing their setting and ensuring Poole Park retains its original Victorian characteristics whilst improving the quality of the landscaping.

Heritage Interpretation Scheme 2021

Enhancing the park experience for local people and visitors alike

War Memorials & Park Entrances 2018

Conserving the history of Poole Park, safeguarding heritage features for the future

The Quiet Garden 2017

Working with the local community and volunteers to create a peaceful haven for people and wildlife alike.

The Rose Garden 2019

A beautifully landscaped Rose Garden, recreated as a ‘Garden of Memories and Reflection’.

Other Heritage & Landscape projects:

  • The Water Fountain has been disassembled (for the first time in 30 years) and sent off-site for refurbishment; improvements have also been made to the jets and internal pipework – about the restoration
  • The Putting Green site. This space will be transformed into a ‘Plant Collectors’ sensory garden with an emphasis on community use and enjoyment.
  • A tree planting plan for the whole park that will see a net gain of trees across all of the improvements, to ensure the avenue is retained, clumps of planting on lake promontories and elsewhere, and to make sure future planting is appropriate.
  • In addition, other landscaping improvements have been made, such as replacing metal railings around grass areas, replacing concrete or wooden bollards and reducing areas with poor surfacing or landscaping.

Consultation feedback & original / revised concepts

Original Heritage & Landscape concepts, together with April consultation feedback for all project themes, assessed and summarised in a design review summary document; two revised concept drawings (July)  resulted from the H&L element of the consultation:

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