This theme was previously titled ‘Traffic’ but has been re-named to reflect the fact that it’s not just all about roads, cars and car parks; the theme also considers park entrances, pavements, pedestrian links & more 

Theme principle

The entrances and the roads in the Park are part of the Park, where every user regardless of their abilities has the same rights.

Theme News

Autumn 2019 will see improvements being made to the park’s road layout, car parks, pedestrian and cycle access. Plans will be going out to tender in the next few months and we hope that construction will start in October, you can still find the original proposals below …

Trial Road Closure in July

A partial road closure will be trialled in Poole Park throughout July as part of the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. Feedback during previous public consultations clearly showed that park users wanted the level of traffic through the park to be...

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Wednesday’s Traffic Workshop

On Wednesday evening we were joined by 11 members of the public, the Borough’s senior traffic engineer and the landscape architect behind the Traffic design proposals. An evening of lively debate ensued focussed on the Traffic theme:...

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A partial road closure was trialled in Poole Park throughout July 2016 as part of the funding bid.

Throughout the trial, the council not only monitored the effects of the road closure but sought the views of all park users during the final phase of public consultation.

Feedback during previous public consultations clearly showed that park users wanted the level of traffic through the park to be reduced during peak times.

Therefore the road between the middle car park, near the roundabout, and the Kitchen Restaurant was closed between 4pm and 6pm every weekday from 4th-29th July 2016. In addition the park was open to vehicles an hour earlier at 9am throughout the same period.

The trial aimed to:

  • support the council’s consultation work as part of Poole Park Life as well as provide evidence of the impact a road closure might have on traffic volumes and the improvement it provides for park users;
  • enable the park to remain open with full access to all car parks, businesses and concessions, as just a section of the through road will be closed;
  • make use of the term time and school holiday traffic flows to monitor the effects during these periods.

Consultation 2016

Thanks to everyone who commented, completed a questionnaire or came along to our consultation event in April 2016. 

Below is a description of the proposals we put forward, and revised drawings and concept views (July 2016) that resulted from the consultation; consultation feedback is summarised in a design review document – download the summary.

The entrances, car parks and other road features have been redesigned to try and slow vehicle speed so that the volume of through traffic in Poole Park is reduced and pedestrians have greater priority.

There will be no reduction in parking spaces throughout the park, although car parking layouts will change, and the method of closing the park Mondays to Saturdays 6am – 10am will be re-assessed.

There are currently no plans to charge for parking in Poole Park.

Specific proposals:

  1. The entrances at Seldown Lodge and East Gate Lodge will be much improved, with wider paths, less clutter and high quality materials being used.
  2. The two lake-side car parks will be re-designed so that the promenade is wider and there is better access for pedestrians around them. Reduced parking spaces will be offset through formalised parking near the water fountain at Norton’s Gate and increased parking provision at Copse Close.
  3. Linking to the Middle Gates car park alteration, the roundabout will be removed in favour of a raised table and clearer pathways for pedestrians.
  4. Between Seldown Lodge and the water fountain will be a new road layout, with the Horse Chestnuts being replaced with a new line of trees in between car parking spaces. This will include a new crossing point by the toilets and entrance to west field and better links further down to the water fountain and car park opposite.


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The Masterplan 2017

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