Six Project Themes

The range of improvements across the park

The Poole Park Life project is broadly split into the six categories below; in each section you will find the proposals that were consulted upon together with concept illustrations and progress updates.

Lakes & Lagoon

A better understanding of the lakes, lagoon and related drainage will lead to better informed management decisions


Improving the existing play areas and introducing a play landscape for all ages and abilities throughout the park


The entrances and the roads in the Park are part of the Park, where every user regardless of their abilities has the same rights

Heritage & Landscape

Restoring original features, enhancing their setting and ensuring Poole Park retains its original Victorian characteristics

Geese & Wildlife

We will seek to control Geese and wildfowl numbers within a park that is managed better for wildlife

The Future of Poole Park

New Management, Maintenance, Conservation & Action Plans, a Tree Strategy and more

Consultation on all themes is now closed

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