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Consultation Autumn 2020

Consultation for new outdoor fitness equipment in Poole Park, Whitecliff and Baiter is now complete, with 191 people completing our online survey.

Details of the new fitness equipment and the results of the survey are now available to download (PDF summary document)

New location proposals

Following a review of the current outdoor fitness equipment and its condition, the consultation results and the budget available; it has been decided that the number of exercise stations for outdoor fitness equipment in Poole Park, Baiter and Whitecliff will be reduced. The aim is to source good quality equipment that will be able to withstand frequent use, salt spray and prevailing winds.

Outdoor Fitness Location Map

In Poole Park this will mean fewer outdoor fitness equipment stations around the lagoon (large lake). Some of the existing equipment will be refurbished where possible in addition to new equipment being installed. The plans may include a new exercise station in Copse Close, near to Copse Close car park that will overlook the Cricket Pitch.

For Whitecliff and Baiter it was thought that the exercise stations were too spread out. We are therefore looking at the option of having a single location, with more equipment, between the play area and the football pitch at Whitecliff.

Project timeline

  • Autumn 2020: survey results analysed to understand the equipment needed by the local community
  • Early 2021: suppliers approached through a formal tender process
  • March 2021: supplier to be selected
  • Early Summer 2021: equipment will be installed


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