Geese & Wildlife

Theme principle

We will seek to control geese and wildfowl numbers within a park that is managed better for wildlife.

Effectively managing Geese numbers will make the park a more pleasant place to visit. There are a range of control solutions and these are explored more fully in the draft Management and Maintenance plan, with specific questions being consulted upon there.

Whilst Poole Park is generally a formal open space, with limited natural areas, improving biodiversity is important and where possible changes will be made to improve the park for wildlife. This can be done through an informed choice of plants, using areas for meadows, tree management policies, methods of managing the lakes and ponds and new planting.

The Conservation Management Plan details the different character areas within Poole Park and which of these can be improved or enhanced in the future to benefit wildlife.

Consulted on during April 2016


News Archive

Poole Park Location Plan

Download the Poole Park Location Plan

PDF (600kb)

The Masterplan 2017

The Masterplan 2017

A visual guide and summary of the range of proposals for improving Poole Park (pdf, 2MB).

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