The Access Improvements in Poole Park is a story of more of the same work in recent weeks, upgrading the drainage pipes and gullies from the old, root-filled pipes (see photo, below right); levelling up layers of stone in preparation for the tarmac base layer, completing kerb lines and so on.

The Tarmac works were making a start today and should complete the base layers by the end of next week, providing a sealed surface from Seldown Lodge entrance through to and including Westfield car park. Unfortunately there is a supply issue on some of the kerb materials which are making it difficult to complete all of the first phase but hopefully this will catch up in due course.

Other works coming up include moving in to Phase 2, the length from the current closure point near to the water fountain through to the Middle gate roundabout. It is expected that the security fencing will start to move in to this area from 29th June.

Work in Phase 3, the area near the water fountain through the trees, will also start to progress with new specialist surfacing layers going in that are porous and will prevent any further compaction of tree roots from vehicles parking.

It is great to have received so much support for the roads being closed and use of the park whilst it is so quiet without public vehicles. We are completely supportive of the park being used as little as possible by vehicles but do have to balance the use by visitors, deliveries and maintenance vehicles, hence the re-build of the roads was still required, along with the new lighting, footways and drainage as a package of improvements.

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