A weekly post to update you on what has happened in Poole Park over the last week. This is the final update relating to the lakes and lagoon as works are now complete!

The sluice gate bridge is now fully in place, the scaffolding has been removed and the pathway along the back of the lagoon along the railway is fully open. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but really hope that everyone enjoys the smart, level new bridge! So what else has been achieved? …

  • A much improved landscape around the fresh water lakes, new solid wooden seating, accessible surfacing and new edging around the lakes.  Some trees and shrubs have already been planted, but there is still a lot more plants to go in. Please see the volunteering section below for more information.
  • A range of new islands and bird posts aimed at creating new habitats for different types of birdlife. Fish will also seek refuge under floating islands
  • Refurbished and raised existing islands
  • Two new bird hides at the back of the lagoon near to the sluice gate, overlooking a newly created island which we hope will attract different types of birdlife in the near future
  • Deeper areas within the lagoon and fresh water lakes which will help to improve water quality as well as help maintain salinity and temperature levels in the lagoon

Read more on the background to the sluice bridge here, and the lakes and lagoon works here. There are 1,000’s of plants to plant around the fresh water lakes and lagoon. Therefore additional garden volunteer sessions have been arranged. These are as follows:

* Thursday 25th April, 4pm to 7pm ** Saturday 27th April, 10.30am to 1.30pm  ** Thursday 9th May, 4pm to 7pm ** Saturday 18th May, 10.30am to 1.30pm

If you would like to volunteer in Poole Park, please contact Toni Powell. Email: toni.powell@bcpcouncil.gov.uk or Tel: 01202 261757. 

Finally please see pictures below of the improvements, or why not visit the park and take a look for yourself! Thank-you for reading.

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