In the area around the freshwater lakes in Poole Park various tree works are planned this winter. The majority of work is to remove dead wood from the trees to keep paths and the line of the railway track safe. Some tree felling is also taking place for specific reasons:

  • To allow landscape improvements next year as part of the improvements to the lakes and lagoon. Removal of a small number of trees now means bigger areas of shrubs can be planted in the spring along with at least 10 new trees.
  • The Alder trees have become infected with a type of Phytophera disease which causes them to die. Last winter a number of Alder’s were felled and we are now removing trees that have declined through the year. Removing the trees will hopefully limit the spread of Phyophera, all wood and arisings shall also be removed.

All the trees have been checked for bat roosts and none were found where works are taking place.

Poole Park is home to several species of bat, such as Soprano pipstrelles, Serotine and Natterrer’s, and to mitigate the loss of dead wood that the bats could use for roosts a range of new bat boxes will be erected in 2019.

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