Next Friday, 23rd November, Wimborne District Angling Club and Sparsholt College will be removing fish from the fresh water lake at Poole Park using a method known as electro-fishing.

This involves passing a field of electricity through the water causing a muscle response reaction in the fish forcing them towards the electrodes. The fish can then be removed from the water using a net. No permanent harm is caused to the fish and they return to their normal state within a few minutes.

Wimborne District Angling Club lease the fishing rights to Creekmoor Ponds from the Borough of Poole and will use the fish to stock the lakes there.

The removal of the majority of fish from the fresh water lake is required in order to improve water quality. A report by Bournemouth University in 2016 identified the extremely high number of fish in the lake as a contributory factor in the poor water quality and associated issues. It is hoped by reducing the number of fish the likelihood of fish deaths during the summer months, as experienced in recent years, will be reduced or prevented altogether.

Members of Wimborne and District Angling Club will be available on the day to provide information to the general public.

This work also links to the improvements being made next year to dredge the freshwater lakes and landscaping along the edges and banks.

Photos below of Carp being measured and assessed as part of 2015/16 Bournemouth university research.

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