The planting of shrub beds around the freshwater lakes started yesterday afternoon, with about 15 volunteers helping us make a difference by planting 648 shrubs in one session! This amazing effort has already made a big impression on the planting bed that was enlarged with the lake dredging, near to the railway station.

Abelia’s, Dwarf Rhododendrons, Tamarix, Guelder Rose and Common Box have been planted to create areas of low ground-cover, as well as taller shrub mixes. These are interspersed between the recently planted trees and in time an informal path will snake through this large area of planting.

The next session is on Saturday 27th 10.30 – 1.30pm – let’s hope we can beat yesterday’s total! We will be planting Fuchsias, Narrow-leafed Willows, Brunnera, Woodruff and Giant prickly Rhubarb (Gunnera)! We will be based behind The Ark cafe. 

Ebsford Environmental have now completed their works on site for the time-being. There is a retention on the various planting and 2 floating islands are to be installed later in the year when the plants are grown on and ready.

Please come along and join the gardening volunteers even if you only have time to plant a few plants, or would like to ask any questions about the improvements.     

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