Turlin Moor play improvements

Updated 24th April 2019

The Project

‘Play Moor, Skate Moor’ is a group of local mums at Turlin Moor, Poole that have come together to raise funds and work towards improvements to the play area at the top of Foreland Road, Turlin Moor. The group formed as part of the ‘Let’s Talk Moor‘ community project. In July 2018 they celebrated the success of their £90,000 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) application for the renovation.

The Play Moor, Skate Moor group at Facebook

The ‘Play Moor, Skate Moor’ group at work

The small play area at Foreland Road was last updated in 2008

The group’s work is providing local children and families with a modern and innovative communal play space, including seating and play equipment that offers stimulating and challenging opportunities for children up to 12 yrs of age.

The project is supported by Poole’s Environmental Development Team.


Works began on 11th March, when the diggers arrived to remove the majority of old play equipment. Once that was done the areas between sections of old play surfacing were dug out so hard core could be added to give a solid base for the new equipment.

Using detailed plans the location for each new piece of kit was measured and marked out. This is a very exact process as there are strict safety guidelines in place for heights and fall zones around play equipment.

We worked with Chris from The Play Inspection Company to ensure that everything was correctly laid out before any footings were dug.

New pieces of play kit are then assembled and concreted into place.

The Play Moor Skate Moor group are now arranging dates to wire brush the perimeter fence and are working with Barclays Bank to get a group of volunteers together to re-paint it in bright colours to match the new equipment that’s being installed.

Keep up with progress with the PMSM group’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/164940657428743

Project details

Budget £99,231
Funding Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Led byPlay Moor, Skate Moor‘ residents group
BoP Project Leader Reuben Hawkwood
T. 01202 261700
E. environment@poole.gov.uk

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