On the evening of Tuesday 23rd June a group of approximately 22 caravans, motor homes and other vehicles entered Poole Park and set up on the cricket pitch and surrounding area. The Council is now following the adopted procedures to assess the encampment and to move the group on as quickly as possible, read more about the procedures here. 

The East Gate and Whitecliff entrances to the park were scheduled to be re-opened to the public this coming Monday in advance of The Ark and The Kitchen re-opening on 4th July following the recent change in Government measures. However, these 2 entrances have now been opened to vehicles as it is impractical to keep them closed.

The Seldown entrance remains closed to all users while the first phase of works moves towards completion. Road closed signs and barriers have been placed near Middle Gate car park to inform vehicles there is no through route towards the town. Vehicles should exit the park via Whitecliff road only at this time.

A more detailed update on the next phases of the access works will be published soon.

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