East Gate Lodge, Poole Park

January 2018

Borough of Poole is seeking a new tenant for East Gate Lodge

Update March 2018

Out and About Dorset Ltd has been successful in its bid for a lease of East Gate Lodge. Out and About Dorset supports adults with learning difficulties and will use the Lodge to support their clients, enabling a range of work in the park and with other organisations.

The company is fully supportive of the organisations already using the building and will offer community use where possible, for example for evening meetings.

East Gate Lodge is located at the entrance to Poole Park near to the Civic Centre; the building is one of the original park-keepers’ lodges, constructed around 1890, and is an important element of Poole Park’s heritage.

The Lodge features a large central space for informal and formal seating, a kitchen, male and female toilets, an office and a small patio and garden area to the rear. Set within the 55Ha of registered park and garden that are benefiting from a £2.7m Heritage Lottery Fund grant, the Lodge is an ideal base for local community groups.

Borough of Poole is seeking a new community-based organisation to lease the Lodge for up to 7 years, commencing spring 2018, and work alongside existing users.

There will be a competition to assess the strengths of the community bids; we will want to understand how the building will benefit the community, who are key audiences and what is the status of your organisation (charity, CIO etc). Alongside this an assessment of financial value will be made, considering the rental income to the Council and investment in the building.

The kitchen

Formal seating area

Lounge area

There are two existing users of East Gate Lodge who need to be accommodated within any proposals:

  • Club 21 provides a twice weekly programme of social and leisure opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. Club 21 have used the Lodge for over 20 years on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.
  • ZooFish Arts CIC uses arts and environment based projects to work with disability and disadvantaged communities across a range of ages, primarily in Southwest England. They have used the Lodge for several years, currently on Friday mornings.


Historic East Gate Lodge

Inscription panel on northerly elevation detailing the gifting of land by Lord Wimborne to the people of Poole.

The Lodge & park entrance early 1900s

The Lodge & park entrance early c1910

East Gate Lodge, Poole Park

Located at the Parkstone Road entrance to Poole Park, close to the Civic Centre

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