Poole Park Railway

Updated 10th May 2019

Railway to reopen in 2019!!

The Borough of Poole is investing up to £350,000 to secure the long term future of the much loved Poole Park Railway. Many enhancements will be made to the service including:

  • a redesigned and relayed track
  • a brand new train and carriages
  • improved access and safety features
  • improvements to the train shed and storage compound

The railway service, which has been running under private management in Poole since 1949, was suspended during 2018 following a number of derailments, service interruptions and personnel issues. When it reopens in 2019, the service will be managed by professional Borough staff working alongside dedicated local volunteer enthusiasts.

Project progress 10th May

Detailed ground investigations and design work for the new track and train shed have now been completed. We will be going out to tender for the works shortly, as well as procuring the new train and carriages.

Once tenders have been evaluated we will be in a better position to advise when this popular attraction will be up and running, which is likely to be in the Autumn, for local people and visitors to once again enjoy.

Budget & funding arrangements

The project budget is £350,000, funded via prudential borrowing which will be repaid by income generated from ticket sales.

Project details

Budget £350,000
Funding Prudential borrowing repaid through ticket sales
Project Leader Jude Martin
T. 01202 261306
E. recreation.development@poole.gov.uk

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