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Strategies & Management Plans

Canford Heath Nature Reserve Management Plan 2010-2020 (PDF, 5Mb file size)

About the Management Plan (archived page)

Poole Park Management & Maintenance Plan 2017-2030 (PDF, 9MB file size)

Further Poole Park management plans produced as a result of the Heritage Lottery funding bid can be found at Poole Park Life

Play & play design

Recommended reading for anyone interested in children’s play

Other documents and articles concerning children’s play:

Further outdoor play information can be found at our Links page



Canoeing in Poole Harbour (PDF)

Canoeing in Poole Harbour (pdf, 5Mb) – as part of Borough of Poole’s work to raise awareness of Bird Sensitive Areas in Poole Harbour, this leaflet is made available to help canoeists enjoy the harbour safely & responsibly. It suggests how they can minimise the disturbance to important species at the same time as appreciating the wildlife, and includes a useful map of the Harbour.

Printed versions have been distributed to water sport shops, rental/tour businesses and clubs in Wareham and Poole Harbour.

The leaflet includes a useful ‘Discover Poole Harbour’ map; it was produced in August 2016 by the Dorset Coast Forum with the input of many organisations including Birds of Poole Harbour, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Dorset Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Borough of Poole and the Poole Harbour Canoe Club. It was funded by Natural England and the RNLI, supported by the Poole Harbour Steering Group.

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