Enviroteers Volunteering Policy

This volunteer policy outlines our commitments to our volunteers, as well as what we expect from volunteers.


Our Environmental Engagement Officer will offer support to you. They will remain your key contact throughout your volunteering with us. They will also outlien a programme of activities and sessions for volunteers and volunteer groups to attend in the hope to continue developing our volunteer offering.

Recognition and Reward

We could not do the work we do without our volunteers. To acknowledge this we will always say thank you and show appreciation for a job well done. There will always be a listening ear or shoulder to lean on.

We like to hold social events each year to celebrate our achievements such as BBQ’s in the summer and gatherings in Winter. During these events you will get an opportunity to meet other volunteers and supporters of our work and share in our plans for the future. We will take opportunities on our website and social media page to praise the achievements of our volunteers.

Insurance, Health and Safety, Accidents and Risk Assessment

Poole Enviroteers has a valid insurance policy so that volunteers are covered by public liability insurance, which you are advised to read, for our own events. Each individual volunteer group will also be covered by their own insurance. We have clear procedures for accidents and emergencies and will always have a first aider on field sites.

Resolving Problems

We hope that you will have a very enjoyable experience volunteering with us. However if your role as a volunteer does not meet with your expectations or with the commitments we have made to you, we want you to feel comfortable about letting us know. First of all, talk to the person who leads the team where you volunteer and they should be able to sort it out with you before it becomes a problem. If you do not feel this will resolve things you can speak to the Environmental Engagement Officer.


We expect all volunteers to adhere to confidentiality guidelines which will be explained to you before you begin volunteering with us and this also includes use of social media and contact with any press.

We will only store your details while you volunteer with us and this will not be shared with any third parties and will be kept safe on an encrypted server.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Poole Enviroteers is committed to embracing diversity and promoting equality and inclusion. When representing Poole Enviroteers s a volunteer we expect you to support our commitment to promoting equality.


We can help

If you would like help interpreting this Policy, please contact us