Last Saturday (24th November) the Pavilion in Alexandra Park reopened to new uses and opportunities!

Since May of 2018 the Open Spaces team at the Borough of Poole have been working to improve the park through a £82,000 capital project spent between play and general green amenities (to find out more of the exact details of this work go to As part of this, and through the consultation period, there was a large imputes on the Pavilion, its uses and where it could go in to the future. Well this weekend many of those question were answered when new Pavilion owner Clare, officially opened the doors of the Pavilion to new customers for hot drinks and cakes.

What is exciting for this in relevance in regards to Poole Enviroteers is that we are looking to work with the Pavilion, and the newly formed Alexandra Park Community Group, to launch new volunteer activities and events. The Pavilion is currently looking to just formalise itself and freshen up a bit, whilst providing toilet facilities to the park and a hot drink to the many families and dog walkers who use the area. After this period Clare is looking to grow the role that the Pavilion plays in the area, including having community meetings, different sessions of activities for different ages, a community growing scheme and of course the previously mentioned volunteering opportunities. We will be working closer with the community group and Clare to develop some new opportunities to volunteer is a green space in Penn Hill, whilst also looking to continue the great progress that is being made in the park. Some volunteering ideas we currently have are involving Court Hill Infants School in a weekly gardening club, exercise classes, orienteering alongside litter picks and larger community events. As usual, we want to hear from the community so if you have an idea make sure to e-mail, tweet or Facebook message us!

We believe this to be a new and fantastic opportunity for the area and the park itself and we cannot wait to see where this journey and path take us moving forward! In the meantime please do visit the park and the Pavilion and make sure to support the work that is going on there. The Pavilion is open 9.30am to 2pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturday & Sunday. We will be sharing more on volunteering opportunities here soon!