Volunteering, no matter where, when, or how, is a hugely beneficial act to carry out, whether it is for one hour a week or dedicating days and weeks to a cause. We wanted to share a blog on the many, many benefits volunteering can provide to you as a way of kicking-off the Tuesday after ‘Blue Monday’. So find below some of the amazing benefits volunteering gives you:

  • It connects you to others
    • Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people, whilst also helping you meet people who also like to give time to matters they care about. Meeting like-minded people is great if you are struggling to find new friends after moving house, jobs or simply to want to mingle with people from different areas and ages¬†
  • Volunteering is great exercise
    • Many volunteer activities are brilliant for your body, from generally being outside, to moving plants around in a community garden, digging to plant tress, walking around litter picking or even taking part in community volunteer sports
  • It’s a great way to free your mind
    • Sometimes there isn’t anything better than a deep breath of fresh air to clear your head and see a new fresh world. Nature and green space is shown to be an amazing way to help with anyone’s mental health, and open space volunteering in the summer is as picturesque as it gets!
  • It’s simply fun!
    • A lot of volunteering is also great fun! Meeting new people, laughing and chatting makes a lot of activities easy and volunteers always have a smile on their faces, even during bitter winters or rainy autumn days
  • Volunteering provides purpose
    • Volunteering is often taken up by people out of work, as not only a great way of adding to their CV, but also helps to provide a purpose for their days whilst they look for work. Many people who cannot work also take part in a range of suitable volunteering that can help give them a reason to leave the house. For many volunteering can provide amazing support!

These are just a few quick reasons for why volunteering is such an amazing thing to do! The benefits to peoples, minds and bodies is limitless and we recommend every one try at least something, remember to check out our activity diary to see whats on this week!