Right on the edge of Poole is the beautiful area of Coy Pond Gardens that attaches itself right on to the top of the Bournemouth garden walk. An area of outstanding character and once again an area not everyone will be aware of or visit often, but it is another wonderful space within Poole to spend time, from exercise to rest it is a very special area. What makes this area even more brilliant is the sheer number of volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to maintain and look after the area keeping it looking stunning and unique no matter the weather or week.

The Friends of Coy Pond is the official group of the area and have been a major reason for its unique development since the 1990’s. The group currently meet every Tuesday to carry out works on the area, primarily focused on the rockery of late which has gone from an overgrown area to one of well-maintained planting and innovative design. The area and group have won multiple awards for their work over the years and they continue to press on with the good work in 2018, with plans already afoot for work in to 2019. We have been working with the group to try and support their work as they have such a huge passion for the area which is truly incredible to see. The group is constantly looking at new innovative ideas and ways of making the area all the more attractive for local residents and those who walk around the whole Coy Pond area. For instance, by the actual pond are, which runs adjacent to the more traditional open space area, the group has installed a bug hotel as well as a ‘Stumpery’ where old tree stumps are placed to create a natural habitat filled with an abundance of wildlife and creatures. It is these kind of ideas which really make community groups such as Friends of Coy Pond stand out and be a real source of pride for the area.

The group is always welcoming to new volunteers and loves to get local residents interested in their work. They hold a Tuesday morning volunteer session by the rockery from 10:00-12:00 where they also serve tea, coffee and even the odd bacon sandwich. Whether you wish to volunteer or not, Coy Pond is a great space to spend time and get some fresh air, it is one not to be missed!