Alexandra Park in Poole has been continuously benefiting from improvements across the park for nearly 12 months, including increased communication between the council and the community, refreshed benches, a re-opened cafe with toilets as well as new play on its way and improved entrances. One thing we have been working with the local community on for many months now is a ‘Friends of’/Community Group specifically for the park. We announced several months ago that a community group had been formed, and whilst very small at the moment we were looking to grow it in the future.

Well the future is here. The community group at Alexandra Park are now looking to expand and would like a few more members to join their ranks to help in developing the park and helping to support in decision making for different elements of the park. The group really want to represent the area and in the future are looking to become a Friends Of group and will be using this new title to get increased funding in for the park and pavilion. For now though, if you are interested in taking part in the group and getting more involved in the park you can drop an e-mail in to Just state your interest and why you would like to get involved and we will take it from there.