Last Tuesday Poole Enviroteers, were represented at the Students Union Bournemouth Universities (SUBU) volunteers fair for the first time!

This was the first volunteers fair we had gone along to since volunteer initiative relaunched in July. We set up on the first floor of the SUBU building alongside other non-profits, council volunteer schemes and charities looking to talk to students about different ways they can volunteer across Bournemouth and Poole. By the end of the day 1500 students had walked though the three floors of exhibitors, with many signing up to different events, long-term volunteer opportunities and campaigns.

Poole Enviroteers was very much looking to gauge the reaction of students to what we were offering and the different ways to take action across Poole that we could provide. We had around 35 students sign up to Enviroteers, and in the space of a week have had several join local volunteer groups and opportunities across the Borough. What was really interesting is that many of these students did not realise the university was placed in Poole, nor the sheer amount of open spaces and parks that Poole has. With students ever more stressed, getting out in green and blue spaces and taking part could provide more benefits than ever before. Whilst it helps local areas look better through gardening and up-keep, it is also a great way for students, and all residents, to take some time out of their normal lives and away from assignments and other external stresses. It is a simple way to create mindfulness and live a more balanced life.

We really saw this day as another great step in the continued development of Poole Enviroteers and the role we are looking to have in Poole’s open spaces for the foreseeable future. We hope to exhibit and be represented at many more community fairs and volunteer meetings over time to expand the network and offer more and more residents of Poole increased ways to take action in their local open spaces.