We wanted to use this weeks blog to spread the work of one of the local universities different projects and activities. This week focusing on the work of Bournemouth University, or more specifically the Students Union of this university otherwise known as SUBU. 

In recent years SUBU has been working diligently to make a difference to its campus, students and local area with a focus on the environment. As part of this, SUBU has hired three members of staff to help run the community and environment section of the union alongside a range of voices from the student body. Together they have formed the Sustainability Action Hub within the union, as a central area for carrying out volunteering alongside positive environmental actions and changes which they hope to continue to engage students with to spread the word and get ever more students involved with. The hub has even made the Sustainable Development Goals a key focus for every decision made within the union, with choices and new actions based around focusing on these and the effect that decision would have on the university and the wider community and environment. 

The hub has become central to the university with it forming part of ISO 14001:2015 that the university submits, and students have been core to growing this area. Six years this hub did not exist, now thanks to students enthusiasm and want to make change it has grown, with its own specific staff alongside a wide range of student involvement. These kind of resources deserve praise and we wanted to make more people aware of this great resource for students, but also for the community as this hub regularly gets out and runs events as part of the local surrounding community. 

You can find out more about SUBU’s Sustainability Action Hub here: https://www.subu.org.uk/involved/community/sustainability/