Last Monday the volunteers down at Oakdale Library Gardens received further support courtesy of Barclays and their very generous volunteers who have given several hours of support to the gardens previously in 2018. 

Kicking off 2019 right, volunteers from Barclays main local offices in Poole once again came down to continue helping the small community croup at the library gardens which are currently focused on re-positioning their ‘Sea Of Learning’ from the front of the library due to vandalism. Barclays volunteers have provided vital man hours to help shift the large amount of pebbles and stones and make a real difference to the area, helping to prep the front of the library for a new sand-based focal point. Barclays have really led a great effort here, they first volunteer session had 10 people volunteer in December and have now developed a really great relationship with the community group at the library. 

Through this help the Oakdale Library Gardens Association are hoping to sell the moved pebbles to help finance other areas of the garden. The memorial garden was relayed and freshened up towards the end of last year and this support from Barclays only goes to continuing making this little bit of Oakdale stand up and be loved by many. Make sure to pop down to the library any day all week and enjoy the adventure trail for children, or the small bookery area,