Last week the first #2minutepickboard that has been used in the open spaces of Poole was launched. 

Over this summer council officers have been working very closely with the Friends of Hamworthy Park to try to combat the issue of litter that the park has been facing over the very busy and hot summer. Hamworthy Park is a massive destination area and to keep this area clean and beautiful is vitally important for the local residents and tourists alike. After sitting down with the Friends multiple times we discussed a few different ways we could look to tackle the issues of people leaving waste across the park. 

This first part of this was making sure to regular share messages not to drop litter, as well as the effects of littering, on social media to begin engaging all residents and people in this issue. The Friends of Hamworthy Park has been exceptional in using social media in looking to decrease littering, providing information and different ways to minimise your waste generally as well. After this social media campaign we discussed the option of a #2minutelitterpick board. Members of the friends group had spotted these in their visits across the beach area as well as around the country and wondered if such a scheme would work in Poole. On many parts of the coast these boards are very well used, including several placed along Branksome Chine.

As such, we looked in to these boards and getting one made up for Hamworthy. The board entails instructions how to carry out a pick, as well as social media sharing information alongside a space for bags and litter picks. This initial board is part of a trial scheme to see how effective they are. Another element of this is how sustainable they are. The board is currently stocked with 3 branded litter pickers and we will be keeping an eye on these to see how well used and returned they are. The board also has a slot where bags can be placed, used and returned so other people can use the bags to carry out picks, we want the public to take part to continue to stock these and to make sure the bags are returned. In other parts of the country this has worked great and we know the people of Poole love their spaces enough and we believe people will do this.

As this scheme is only in its trial period, we are going to be reviewing how the board is used and if it does make a people and it does help to engage people in loving and looking after their spaces then we hope to look at increasing the scheme and amount of boards across Poole.

For now though, make sure to visit Hamworthy and make use of the board, and let us know how it could be adapted or improved!