On Sunday 25th November a group came together to clean an area of Poole Harbour, this group is called GoPladdle and they are leading the way in local coast clearing in Poole.

GoPladdle is led by two enthusiastic volunteers, who will definitely not be stopped by any barriers, and they aim to not any clean the whole of Poole Harbour but are also on a journey of making Poole a plastic free town. The organisation was formed very recently and is based on the idea of litter picking whilst kayaking, they were founded along the south coast UK, with a mission to unite communities and clean up our oceans and beaches together. One of their first key ways of doing this was holding one of the largest community litter picks in Poole, with 10’s of litter picks needed and hundreds of kilos of waste collected by the end of the day on Sunday 25th November. The day was spent litter picking a foreshore area of Turlin Moor on Poole Harbour which was facing ever-increasing amounts of litter and fishing waste build up. On GoPladdles ‘reccys’ of the site before carrying out the litter pick they had seen sad sites of hedgehogs caught in fishing boats as well as hundreds of pieces of plastic lining the coast. 

Poole Enviroteers was really excited to work alongside GoPladdle to help plan and support in this event and we were so happy to see how successful it was, as well as how beautiful this spot looks now. It continues the great work we are currently seeing nationally against waste and plastic, but also the work from the Marine Conservation Societies 2018 Great British Beach Clean results. This week the MCS released their data from the national litter picks as part of this campaign, and found that litter was down 16% per every 100m of UK beach. Is this good enough? Of course not, but it shows signs of a change towards peoples attitudes of littering, waste and plastic as well as the fact that more people than ever are looking to litter pick, whilst GoPladdle are looking to tackle the issues of single-use plastic head on, right at the source through their Plastic-free Poole initiative.

Through communities becoming increasingly aware of litter, picking up more of it, and then groups such as GoPladdle tackling the issues of waste sources, teamed with decreasing waste in the first place it seems we might be heading in the right direction for our environment and oceans.

You can find out more about GoPladdle on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GoPladdl/