Whilst the coast of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole can stun on any day of the year, and shine when the sun catches the coast, it is the hidden gems that are placed right by it that can really take your breath away with the available views and spaces. One of these such gems is the Pinecliff Sunken Gardens.

This area is placed on Canford Cliffs, with the gardens literally sunken in to the cliffs. Two wide triangular beds full of hedging, flowering plants and growing palm trees encapsulate a stairway and walkway, turning in to a zig-zag path, which takes you down on to the staggeringly beautiful beach that we are all so lucky to call home. This sunken garden is surrounded by a well-maintained rockery whilst several renovated benches encircle the whole garden, providing an astounding seat to look over the stunning scenery, soak in the sun and take in the fresh sea air. This area is made all the more special when you find out that the gardens are maintained and developed by the local Pinecliff Sunken Gardens Community Group.

This is a relatively small group, with around 6-7 volunteers working on the garden area every Thursday. They carry out everything from pruning the hedges and weeding the path, to planting new sapling trees and finding spots to grow wildflowers. They have spent many an evening, late in to the night, over summer trying to keep the garden alive over the dry months and have managed to make it survive these tough months. They are a highly dedicated bunch who love getting out every week to make a bit of a difference and continue to make this area looking fresh and beautiful. Along with this they continue to offer opportunities for every one to get involved in the garden area. Whilst the group is mainly there on Thursdays, any help with maintenance through the week is always appreciated, whilst the group would love to engage the huge amount of people who walk through the garden more, maybe looking at having a Saturday presence as well. From young to old, they would love your help and support. You can find a lot more information, and see many photos of the area, on their website: http://www.pinesandchines.co.uk/.

This area is a little tropical break from real life and is a great way of getting some physical benefits whilst it also helps to calm the mind and clear all thoughts. If you would like to get involved and help the group grow and engage more people contact Poole Enviroteers at environmentvolunteers@poole.gov.uk.