Welcome to another Enviroteers fortnightly blog! Over the last year we have re-branded the Enviroteers and brought it to a much higher standard and we hope in such that we have made it a bit more useful for the volunteers and residents of Poole. We are now looking at ways we could grow this as we believe that our way of getting residents to take action by linking them up with their closest volunteer group as well as helping to facilitate community ideas, is becoming ever more vital.

As part of this we are looking to advertise Enviroteers far and wide. We know that first of all we need to get more people coming to this website and asking questions, the more we can grow our current volunteer groups the more we can learn from them of how to facilitate new ideas and groups. We would like to be getting more people to visit this page, and through this we hope that more people will ask about how they can run projects or campaigns that are important to them and how they can tackle issues they see in their local open spaces and environments. We are here to help and can facilitate meetings, launch new ideas gain research and whatever may be needed as part of any ideas any resident could have.

An example of this is a new maintenance project we have been working with the Bourne Community Group on. The group came to us looking for support on improving some of the hedges and green area outside a local shopping area and we have been supporting them with contacting land owners and providing equipment and promotional support for two volunteer days they are aiming to run next month (of which make sure to keep an eye out!). We can provide this kind of support, and more, if you have any ideas to help improve your local area.

Finishing of this week is a nudge to check out our latest additions to our volunteer activities diary, where we have added Bluebell Community Woodland, Parr’s Plantation and All Saints Church!