It has been a quiet couple of weeks for the Poole Enviroteers as BCP Council continues to come together we await to see how we develop moving in the future. This is alongside the sharing of the news on BCP Council being awarded around £700,000 as part of the Future Parks Accelerator Fund.

Between these new developments we hope volunteering to take a huge step forward over the next few years, right across the new conurbation. The Parks Accelerator Fund allows for new investment in volunteering practice and strategy and we hope to be a part of creating a really unique and efficient volunteering process for all residents. 

Outside of this, Poole Enviroteers have been supporting two other projects. The first one is an exciting new project based at Parr’s Plantation in Oakdale. This project revolves around supporting a local school, who have limited outside space, to make Parr’s a nature trail and forest school approved area. This will be based around a relationship we are developing with the school to help invest in the area alongside looking to create a local community group all whilst providing increased outside space for the school. We will be taking a look at signage, the general look of the area whilst the school will be providing support and are looking to get a forest school expert to visit to see what be done to make the area appropriate for that part of the curriculum. It is really exciting and we cannot wait to see how it progresses!

Our other recent project where we have provided support was for the Baiter skate park. For this area a local group has popped up over the last eight months called the Baiter Park Locals, and they have been planning a skate jam event to help raise funds to renew and improve the skate park. This amazing event occurred on Sunday (30th June) and it was fantastic event! Hundreds of attendees watched whilst tens of skaters took part in a variety of competitions where many unique prizes were given out. Whilst this was all going on, stalls around the event attracted even more families to come along and see what was going on, alongside stalls for local skate stores. It proved a massive success with more events like it already being planned for the future to help keep this beloved park open and make it even better moving forward.

For now, over the next two weeks are focus begins to shift to the aforementioned Future Parks Accelerator funding as we begin to plan out how we want volunteering to look under BCP Council in to the future, which is a really exciting opportunity to create an improved volunteer offering to make it as easy and quick for all local residents to volunteer across all the environments of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch.