Welcome back to the Poole Enviroteers blog! It has been a little while since we have last provided a blog update, this has been due to some staff sicknesses and shortages but we are now back and ready to keep you updated on our latest work and the most up-to-date ways to take action in Poole.

First of all we have to start off with an update on our project at Parr’s Plantation in Oakdale. This has recently taken a fantastic turn with an upper area of the woodland being cleared of overgrowth and bramble, we hope to use this newly cleared area to place some picnic benches and make a natural play area for the local school that we are working with to use. We have also ran some other larger scale volunteer days there recently to help speed up this process, including a day of volunteering with Poole and Bournemouth College. We hope to continue to help preserve and improve this area for all users, and to do that we always need more volunteers. If you would be interested in helping out please get in touch or check out our volunteer activities page for more information.

On top of this we have ran two volunteer mornings in Melbury Avenue recently with the Bourne Community Group. We have been supporting them in clearing up an overgrown area of land, providing some expertise and tools to helping their event run and guiding what should be cut back and when.

Talking of community group support, another local community group is looking for some community and extended volunteer support. The Oakdale Library Gardens Association is looking for some increased help and support in 2020 to help transform this already incredible space. Every Monday morning a small and dedicated group of volunteers help to work on the garden area making it a wonderful space for all those who pass by or pop into the library. If this opportunity sounds of interest then feel free to get in touch with ourselves or the group directly through our volunteer activities page, they volunteer fortnightly over winter.

One of the final updates we have is that we will shortly be sharing results of a volunteer evening we held in October onto this page, including survey results from a survey that has been shared around many of the Poole community groups and their volunteers. This has brought up some really interesting results and statistics that we hope to help in our development of volunteering across the area into the future, so do keep an eye out on this site for those.

For now though we begin to look to Christmas, volunteering does slow down around this time of year as groups volunteer less frequently, however we are very excited for what 2020 may bring for us under the development of the BCP Council alongside our previous work on the Future Parks Accelerator Fund that really looks to transform parks through 2020 into 2021.