Over July we have made progress with a selection of projects and pieces of work, from looking at new forest school opportunities in the woodland areas of Poole to beginning to look at how volunteering could be transformed through the Future Parks Accelerator fund that we mentioned in our last blog. 

One of the key things we have put together and launched over July was our Community Information Document. This can be found on our homepage and details all of the community groups that work around Poole, looking after open spaces, gardening spots and litter pick areas, all helping to keep Poole looking beautiful for residents and tourists. This document has been shared with all these groups first of all to help volunteers to link up, share ideas and eventually we hope to launch new projects between groups. We have previously seen how hard these groups work on their individual areas, and it seemed a natural step to begin bringing these groups together to work on new ideas and to support one another.

This month we have also continued to make use of the high street cleaning funding that central government had provided to us to help keep the high streets of Poole clean. This has now included working with local schools to see how we can try and stop young people littering and making use of the bins around us. Under this funding we have also been able to supply several local litter picking groups with litter picking equipment to help them group and keep even larger areas of Poole cleaner for longer.

Looking forward we have two other key focuses for August. The smaller of the two is an opportunity we have been provided with by the Arts University Bournemouth. The universities Students Union has helped limit plastic waste by launching an eco-brick scheme. You may have heard of these bricks from the viral sensation they became last year and now AUBSU have hundreds of bricks to give away to local groups and projects to help build anything that may benefit the group and/or local environment. If you think you may have use for some eco-bricks please do get in touch via our online enquiry form!

Our bigger, and very exciting, other focus has been around our new activities listing which we are happy to share has launched today! Poole Enviroteers previously used the Better Impact volunteer tracking software, however we have now decided to host our own website based activities listing, replacing the old activities diary. We have decided to do this to make it easier for volunteers to find opportunities. You can contact community groups directly through the listing instead of having to get in touch with us first. Each individual opportunity provides specific information, location information and ways to sign up/get in touch. We hope this means more people can volunteer in more areas and generally see the range of volunteering available across Poole!