Welcome to this weeks Enviroteers blog, looking back over the past two weeks of what we have been up to and what volunteer opportunities are currently available to the many residents of Poole.

The key event we want to talk about is the Great British Beach Clean that took place on the Saturday and Sunday mornings of 21st and 22nd September. Both days were very successful, although the rain did hamper play on the 22nd a little bit. A large amount of waste was collected alongside around 750L of recyclable waste from both cleans, the first time we have used recycling bins but safe to say we will be organising this for each of our cleans moving forward. It was great to have so many come out to clean Holes Bay and Ham Common, of all ages as well! Another really positive outcome of the Holes Bay day was the massive decrease in plastics and general litter found. Compared to previous years the amount of litter was far lower then we had seen, which was fantastic. Some areas of the bay were cleaned within the first half hour into the morning, unheard of previously! 

This month we are also looking to help the Oakdale Library Gardens Association as they are in need of some new volunteers to help swell their ranks ready for some new and upcoming projects they have. This group meet once a week, every Monday morning between 9am-12pm working on the several different sections of the surrounding library garden. We often talk up Oakdale Library as it is an area of tranquillity and perfect for everyone to go visit, young and old. If you would like to know more details then please go to the groups Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Oakdalelibrarygardens

On the topic of new volunteers, ‘new to you’ is also looking for volunteers. This fantastic re-selling shop requires volunteer staff every day they are open to help organise and run the shop. If you would like to help out at this shop please do get in contact with us, and we can organise for you to come along and visit the warehouse and hopefully kick off your volunteering experience!

On a final note for the week, another one of Poole’s fantastic volunteer groups, Pinecliff Sunken Gardens Community Group, has shared a new article on them and their work which you can find below, please do make sure to have a read! 

Gardening on the Cliff Top