As part of a new way of writing, the Poole Enviroteers blogs will now be published on a fortnightly basis. We hope this allows us to provide more information to you in a more concise blog. Each fortnight we will review the past two weeks whilst also talking about what is coming up over the next couple of weeks.

Over the past two weeks are main focus has been on litter picking. We have had a phenomenal increase in the number of litter pick enquiries we are receiving, to the point where we are having to ask some groups to choose slightly later date as we simply cannot meet all the demand over certain days or weekends. This is such amazing news and it is great to see so many people across Poole taking it upon themselves to make a difference. However we want to take this to the next level now, we have a constant stream of litter pickers and groups carrying out litter picking, but we need to start tackling the issue at its source. Groups such as GoPladdle are helping to not only litter pick but also limit waste at its source, and we are asking more and more people to think about what you buy and what you waste. It isn’t just plastic, it is everything. Are there items you don’t actually need? Are their food items of general goods that you could buy elsewhere that don’t come with large amounts of packaging? Are there ways of packing something that is less wasteful? We want people across Poole to remember to refuse items, reduce waste, reuse different materials and at the very least place their waste in a the general waste bin or recycling, so it doesn’t reach or damage the environment. We are also aiming to make the process of using litter pick equipment far easier with an online request form.

Over the past couple of weeks we have also visited local residents in parks and other open spaces to talk through ideas they have to take action in their local environments, from planting a new swathe of bluebells to looking to put up new dog waste bag dispensers in parks. If you ever have an idea please do make sure to share it with us!

Staying on this topic, next week on May 28th we are running a litter pick at Alder Hills Roundabout with the support of the local community of that area. A local resident came forward to us and asked us about supporting her in running a litter pick around this roundabout as the litter there was truly troubling. As part of this the community has pushed Sainsburys and McDonalds to take part in the litter pick as a lot of the waste in the area appears to be from their stores. Moving forward we hope to support the community in working with both these stores to see what can be done to limit waste and litter in the area. We will also be looking to help the community make this litter pick a regular thing, so do keep an eye out for more events occurring within this area in to the future! You can learn more about it on the Facebook page here:

We are also in the very early stages of seeing where and how we develop volunteering in the new world of BCP Council, so do keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for updates on these.

That is it for now, but we look forward to catching up with all our amazing volunteers again in two weeks!