The last two weeks have been based on continuing to make improvements to our website, as well as raising awareness of volunteers across Poole through this years national volunteer week promotion.

Over the coming few weeks you will see that our activity diary will be changing and will be easier to use and based natively on our core Enviroteers website. You will be able to find volunteer opportunities far easier, and for community group activities you will be be linked directly to the best way to contact them. We will no longer ask you to contact us in regards to separate activities or groups that we do not co-ordinate ourselves, instead information will be directly provided for you to make contact with any local groups or activities. Alongside this, we have also made our online enquiry form easier to use and understand, so if you do have a question you can contact us faster and more reliably. Just go to the ‘Get in Touch’ tab to send an enquiry.

Don’t forget that with this you can always reach out to us via our Facebook or Twitter pages. We are also looking to make these more useful for our volunteers, and so if you have any comments about our website or social media please do contact us and let us know, would we be better to focus purely on Facebook? Would you prefer we used more images? Should we present all our volunteer opportunities solely on here? Do you find our Do-It page useful? Any feedback you have as volunteers is always valued.

Between the 1st and 7th of June we also celebrated and thanked all our volunteers and volunteer groups as part of the 2019 National Volunteers Week. We shared many stories of local volunteers, the benefits they bring to the area and how they came to being. It was a great week to be able to see the fantastic work that all these volunteers achieved, we can’t wait to see what new groups we may get to profile next year!

Looking ahead, after our launch of an new activity diary, we are looking to launch many new resources for the community groups of Poole. We support over thirty groups across Poole and we want to start linking these groups up far more. As part of this we will be launching a Facebook community for them all to chat virtually, however alongside this we are looking to create offline materials for those who do not have access or use the internet or Facebook. We will be creating a briefing documents of all the local groups, for local groups. We will also be looking to launch  a programme of activities and events to help gather feedback from these groups to not only help support them, but gain an understanding of how we could launch more groups in the future. 

We also have two new volunteer opportunities to share. Both are based at Poole Park, one being a day-long, one-off opportunity, and the other is a rolling volunteer opportunity. The first opportunity is to help out and volunteer at the Poole Park fun day on July 25th. We are looking for volunteers to help steward, litter pick and generally provide support on the day. Last year this was a great event and all of the volunteers found it a great way to interact with the public as well as supporting the team who were working of stalls and running the day. If this sounds of interest to you, make sure to get in touch. Our second opportunity is based at the Poole Park kiosk. This newly re-opened resource is looking for volunteers to help open and run it. Volunteers for this will spend a few hours sharing the history of the park, alongside general info, and providing resources for all ages to interact in new ways with the park. It also provides a great space for children to come and learn more about the park and draw or write whilst there. Again, get in touch if you are interested. 

That is some of our key pieces of work currently, if you have any ideas as always make sure to contact us, we love to help residents improve their local environments and are always looking out for new ideas!