Can you believe, it is the final Enviroteers blog of 2020! It has been another fantastic year for Poole Enviroteers, but there is no doubting that it has gone by very quickly indeed! We started the year as part of the Borough Of Poole and we end the year as a part of BCP Council. We are really excited for what the time ahead may bring for us and volunteering across this new unitary borough in general. Our next blog will be shared in the middle of January. Before we sign off for good in 2020 though we do have some updates. 

First of all are some updates from the Community Volunteers Steering Evening we held in October. In October we held the first of an anticipated programme of volunteer events, helping to bring volunteers and volunteer groups together to not only thank them for their work but learn from them about how they began and how we can support them more moving forward. At this event we held a few different activities, from tracking the ‘volunteer timeline’, of how a volunteer goes from being a new resident to feeling supported and comfortable enough to launch or lead a community group. We also ran activities around certain dictated questions to help us build up qualitative data on our volunteers, alongside a survey that stayed open for a month after the event to catch as many opinions and data as possible. From these we reviewed all of the data and have now put together a review document of the evening which can be found here. It is also linked on our main front web-page if you would like to link anyone else towards. We hope to run more events such as these into the future.

Some other updates comes via our fantastic community groups, many of which have had some great growth and resources provided to them recently. Examples are the Oakdale Library Gardens Association, who were awarded around £4,000 from the Coop to help the garden to keep going, including some activities shown in the flyer below. The Friends of Hamworthy Park have also been gifted around £3,500 also from Coop. BH12 Planters have also taken delivery of many new plants for their planters thanks to their successful bid to the last round of CIL bids. We have to applaud all the work of so many of these groups, from the Whitecliff Harbourside Park Volunteers through the Pinecliff Gardens volunteers right to the Wildlife volunteer group in Merley and the Friends groups across Coy Pond and Turners Nursery, amongst so many other small groups such as Pooles Secret Garden and litter pick groups on Baiter and North Road parks. They all truly carry out some phenomenal work with a huge range of volunteers, and we cannot thank them enough for their continued hard work. 

On the topic of CIL bids, last week we heard that the next round of CIL bidding is now open and is due to close in mid January 2020. This is a fantastic opportunity for any community change group, and is the first round to ever be open under BCP Council. For more details contact BCP Council directly or search their website. 

Last, but not least, please all do have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Let’s start the new decade off well in 2020!

Oakdale Library