Welcome back! It is 2020 and a happy new year, and a whole new decade, to you! We hope you had a nice festive period and enjoyed a well-earned rest. Now it is time to look back on our final achievements of 2019, and begin looking at the early opportunities of 2020.

One of our last work days of 2019 led us to Alexandra Park in Penn Hill where we planted up around 170 tree whips with the help of 20 odd volunteers. This was a fantastic day, and in spite of some awful weather, everyone stuck it out to plant up four corners of the park throughout the wind and rain. We also had eight children with their teachers come down to help out from the local Court Hill School. This was a really brilliant morning, and a lovely time of year to host it. We will be checking up on these trees monthly and will also work with the local community to help water them throughout the summer, which we hope will be better than last years!

Just prior to Christmas we also supported the BH12 planters group who have been making use of the CIL Neighbourhood Portion money they received in 2018 to purchase a few hundred bulbs to help brighten up Albert Road in the Spring and Summer when these all flourish. We have also been supporting them in providing tools and other plants, all funded through the CIL monies. 

We headed into this New Year full of purpose, kicking straight off with a morning of volunteering back at Parr’s Plantation in Oakdale. We continue to work on this area bit by bit with a few supportive community hands, however we are always looking for more volunteers so if you are looking for some relatively easy and healthy Wednesday morning activities this could be the perfect place for you. Currently we are focused on creating clear boundaries around some newly cleared spaces to help the children who hope to use the area from a local school, stay safe. On top of this call for volunteers at Parr’s Plantation we are also putting a call out for more volunteers at Oakdale Library Gardens, this area has lost a couple of volunteers recently who have moved from the area or now need to work during their regular Monday sessions. So if you have a Monday morning spare please do head down to the library to help out, they would be so happy to see you!

Finally, CIL Neighbourhood Portion is now open for community submissions. This is a section of money put aside for community improvements that local people and groups can bid for to help make a difference to their local area, park, street or whatever else it may be! This is a fantastic opportunity for the local community and is the first round to be opened under the new BCP Council. If you need any support with your submission you can contact us to lend a helping hand.

Have a good couple of weeks!