Welcome to this fortnights Poole Enviroteers blog! This week we look at a couple of upcoming events and community updates, alongside our new and easier way to volunteer in Poole.

First of all, we are really happy to announce that our new volunteering activity listing is now active and open for all to use! We want this new listing to make it far easier for any resident to easily come on to the website and clearly see where and how they can volunteer, and be directly linked through to the group carrying out the volunteering activity. Each activity has the contact details, or a direct web link, to each of the groups who carry out environmental volunteering across Poole, so instead of having to contact us to then contact the group, each volunteer and resident can go direct to the group and hopefully begin volunteering that bit quicker. If you run an activity that you would like added to this listing please do just click on the ‘get in touch’ heading and drop us a message, we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward, one of our next projects after this activity listing is continuing to look at creating links between community groups, in the hope to create a community group network further down the line. As part of this we will shortly be launching a new community update e-mail to all the community group leaders to help them come together more and learn a bit more about each other, including the latest events run by other groups. On top of this we hope to be running more community group sessions moving forward, to help not only thank our groups and volunteers for their work but also to help push forward new ways of working in the area and hopefully continue to build up our community volunteering, which helps to keep so many areas fresh, clean and looking beautiful! 

Talking of events, it is that time of the year again as we begin to organise the 2019 Great British Beach Clean in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society and Poole Heathlands. As usual, we will be based on Holes Bay on the Saturday morning, this year from 8:30am until 11:30am on September 21st, with Poole Heathlands running a litter pick from Lake Pier from 10am until 1pm on Sunday 22nd September. Both events will have plenty of equipment to share out, alongside staff members more than willing to give updates on local works and ways of minimising your environmental impact. Our last few litter picks have been very well attended, with bags and bags of litter collected, and we hope this event can continue on this growth of attendees, but not litter!

Our next blog will be shared in two weeks time, we hope you continue to enjoy our writing and if you have any questions make sure to get in touch!