On Saturday 5th January, ten volunteers joined members of Poole Enviroteers and the Borough of Poole Environmental Services team to plant eighteen trees at Blake Hill Viewpoint. This site in Penn Hill is a beautiful area of natural beauty full of natural woodland and a great  space to have a little walk around or to take your dog. Over the last 12 months the site has been the beneficiary to project funding, which included the cleaning of bramble and rhododendron alongside the building of a new set of steps to make it easier, and safer, to walk around the park. As one of the last parts of this project, remaining funds were spent on eighteen trees with the aim to plant these to improve the wildlife provision as well as adding even more trees to this beautiful area.

So on Saturday, ten volunteers came along in the morning to help Borough of Poole plant up these eighteen trees alongside litter picking the area. It was a fantastically successful morning and the community spirit was a joy to be around and feel. There were some even more astounding results from this day. The first was a massive positive as very little litter was collected, only two black sacks were filled and considering this area may not have been litter picked for as long as a year this was really great to see. Another real positive that came out of the day was that it took just two hours for the volunteers to plant eighteen trees! This is an amazing achievement and we were really thankful to all those who came along to help out. Blake Hill Viewpoint is now an even better site than ever, and we cannot wait to go back in the future to see how these eighteen trees have established and grown!

We plan to organise more volunteer days like this across the Borough as time goes on.