Poole Enviroteers has recently been helping to facilitate a number of community volunteer projects to help benefit the community of Poole. This has included working alongside Co-Op to run a park litter pick, consistently supporting the group GoPladdle alongside helping to launch new dog walk groups in Penn Hill and look top organise area clean ups in Alder Hills. We are also helping in the planning of an event to raise funds for Baiter Skate Park.

As part of this we wanted to share this support network with all of Poole, to see what other interesting projects we come across that we can support and help grow. We love supporting a range of projects and residents across the environments of Poole and we are always looking to the next project or idea to help facilitate. Whether that is a community litter pick, an event for young people or looking to raise funds for a something to benefit your local environment, we are here to help. Too often peoples ideas are heard but not taken forward, we want to act to facilitate these ideas and help those amongst us who have fantastic ideas to set them in motion in a supportive and positive environment. 

We can not always provide funds to help with an idea, however we can link you up with funding options alongside places to gather resources and networks to attract volunteers. So as part of this, you can tweet us @Enviroteers or message us on our Facebook with your idea and we will always make sure to reply and see what we can do to start the ball rolling. You can also e-mail us at environmentvolunteers@bcpcouncil.gov.uk with details of your idea and we will reply as soon as quickly as we can, the more we can support the you, the more great work and changes we can have going on in our local open spaces, beaches and the general environment.