Today down at at Hamworthy Park we launched a new scheme to not only tackle litter in the park, but also to get all members of Pooles community thinking about how they can contribute to improving the environment that surrounds us all. The scheme we have put in place is a ‘2 minute litter pick’ idea that originated from discussions with the Friends of Hamworthy Park group who had come across the campaign which was begun by the organisation ‘#2minutebeachclean’. Through working with this organisation we managed to use one of their boards and this morning this has now been placed in Hamworthy Park by the cafe.

By using this board, and providing the general public with easy access and instructions to litter picking, we hope to not only decrease litter in this park but also generally build a sense of improving the environment within the public. You can find these types of boards along the coast, however this is the first example of a 2 minute litter pick board in one of Poole’s parks. We are trialling the idea in Hamworthy which has faced issues of littering as well as being such a beautiful and open space which we know the public love and want to keep clean. If it proves successful in decreasing litter and increasing the public’s interest in volunteering and carrying out small actions to improve all our environments, then we are looking to expand the scheme to other parks and areas to see if it can help spread this same messages across the borough. 

We are going to continue to review this current scheme in Hamworthy, from what locals say about it to understanding if the public do make use of the resources properly, and we hope to make use of campaigns such as this further around the Borough. We want to help the people of Poole understand how local environments and spaces can be improved and how they can get involved to do this. If you have any ideas of other campaigns which could work through public participation to solve an environmental issue please do feel free to contact us on

In the meantime make sure to pop down to Hamworthy, and carry out a quick clean all of your own! The board also provides information on how to share and tag your clean and spread the message far and wide.