Volunteers across the Borough of Poole carry out incredible work day in day out, from the volunteers at small community gardens to the many Friends of groups that look after the larger areas of Poole, they all give their time to make the open spaces of our Borough brighter and better. We believe there are at least 25-35 volunteer groups working on Poole open spaces alone, with more and more being added weekly.

As such, we believe it is time to really honour these volunteers, as without them many elements of our community and green spaces would look and feel very different. As such we are looking to ask those who partake in volunteering, or who are part of a volunteer or community group, to come forward and say what we could do to honour your incredible work and passion for the spaces you volunteer in. We know many organisations run things like honouring evenings, however one scheme we have been looking at is some form of volunteer card reward scheme. The exact details of this have not been developed, but it could look like that by volunteering hours, you gain points which could be spent on goods of services, or you could earn discounts on local independent retails. We all know that many people volunteer simply to help out, or to meet new people, but we view this card as a great way of showing how much we appreciate that volunteered time as well as looking at new ways to attract volunteers.

It is an idea that is working in many areas of the country and one that local volunteer organisations in Dorset have been looking at and researching for a while and we hope to work with a range of organisations to possibly bring something like it to fruition. However, that is if we believe it brings a value to help support and honour the volunteers of Poole. Please then, tell us your thoughts. Send us a message on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter, of which make sure you like and follow both of those! We love to hear from our volunteers and how we can support them and develop new opportunities going forward, so as always make sure to share any ideas with us!