Poole Park Tennis Courts improvement project

Last updated: 1st July 2013

Project details

Budget: £140,000

Funding: Planning Obligations £60,000; Lawn Tennis Association grant £80,000

Lead Officer Gemma Wilton, Recreation Development Officer Tel: 01202 261306  •  Email: recreation.development@poole.gov.uk

Now open for play!

The recent refurbishment of Poole Park Tennis Courts now sees the courts being operated via an access key system which is managed in-house by the Recreation Development Team.

The target set with the Lawn Tennis Association for access key sales for the first year has already been reached with over 180 now sold!

The courts are being well used most evenings during this Wimbledon week, seeing play to rival some of the top seeds opponents!

To apply for your access key (£24 for the year) please visit www.boroughofpoole.com/tennis

The on site coaching programme is also in full swing and offers something to suit everyone.

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The Tennis Courts before the start of this project

Work on this project started on 12th February 2013 and has involved:

The facility has been reconfigured to become four doubles courts and two mini red courts to enable junior development and play at Poole Park.

Poole Park Tennis Scheme (pdf, 1.8Mb)

Download the Poole Park Tennis Scheme leaflet which includes Terms & Conditions of use (pdf, 1.8Mb)