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Dense ground cover in the woods before this project (above) has given way to an open space (below), more accessible for the public to enjoy

The woods are now much more accessible for the public to use and enjoy, with dog walkers being encouraged to use this area responsibly, but with more freedom than elsewhere in the park. The woods will feel safer as there will be clear views through the trees and the extra light getting in will enhance the appearance of the significant mature Oak, Sweet Chestnut and Beech trees.

The existing range of education activities and events that take place in the Park will be improved with a wider range of opportunities for exploring the natural, and native, habitats in the Park and all the wildlife they support, from woodpeckers to speckled wood butterflies, millipedes to fungi.

Opportunities for all ages to play and use the woods in a natural way will be encouraged. This does not mean that fixed, traditional play equipment such as slides or zip wires will be installed, on the contrary, the use of natural materials will be encouraged, whether for formalised education groups, or by the public. This will be complimented with some designed use of natural materials such as logs, timber structures, boulders and live planting such as Willow sculptures.

Grove Wood, February - April 2012

The first phase of work was completed in April, making a dramatic improvement to the woods over the course of a couple of months.

Contractors successfully removed large areas of Rhododendron and Laurel, and mulched down the waste vegetation to the woodland floor. This material will slowly decompose and become less noticeable over time.

Jacks Wood, June - August 2012

‘Jacks Wood’ near to Blandford Road has been opened up for public access for the first time, with a new informal footpath laid to wood chips and edged with logs.

Upton Country Park play & recreation project: phase 1

Project details

Budget: £103,000


Timber Play Trail by: Touch Wood Enterprises of Bristol

Lead Officer Martin Whitchurch

Tel 01202 261700  •  Email: environment@poole.gov.uk

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