QEII Fields in Trust for Poole

The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, operated by Fields in Trust, is a campaign to protect outdoor recreational spaces in communities all across the country as a permanent living legacy of the Diamond Jubilee.

Sites within the Borough of Poole that have been formally registered and dedicated as Jubilee Fields:

No further QEII nominations are being sought.

See www.qefields.com (then search Local Authorities for ‘Borough of Poole’) for QEII descriptions and site pictures.

QEII Purbeck Stone and Plaque

Each of the QEII parks will receive (or already have received) large pieces of Purbeck stone featuring a QEII plaque.

The plaques are paid for by Fields in Trust and the stones and installation by Borough of Poole. They will be placed at the entrance or other significant location on each open space.

QEII Fields in Trust

QEII Whitecliff & Baiter

QEII Broadstone

QEII Branksome