Alexandra Park improvements

Updated 31st January 2019

The Project

Alexandra Park is a popular and well-used open space and was selected to benefit from new investment funded by Planning Obligations (Developer Contributions) Penn Hill budget – £47,000 for ‘equipped play’ and a further £35,000 for ‘casual play and amenity open space’.

Work started in September 2018 following a successful consultation period with local residents and other park users.

We are steadily progressing through a range of green space improvements – including having renovated all the benches on site (re-positioning some as requested during our consultations) and having removed the youth shelter and basket ball hoop. We are now looking to make park entrances more open and appealing, along with improved park signage.

The Pavilion @ Alexandra Park

The new dog-friendly Pavilion Cafe is open!

Offering liquid refreshment, chocolate cake, donuts and a warm welcome from Clare. Open 9.30am to 2pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturday & Sunday.

The Pavilion @ Alexandra Park Facebook page

Maintenance work has included renovation of all seats in the park

The youth shelter and basket ball hoop have been removed

Project aims

The team aims to improve the play, recreational and leisure opportunities within the park, and enhance its aesthetic appeal by:

  • Renovating the current equipped play area with particular attention to “natural play” elements
  • Undertaking works to improve informal supervision and promote feelings of security and well-being among users
  • Updating current signage
  • Renovating existing benches
  • Relocating existing bins
  • Carrying out tree and shrub works


A well-promoted consultation with local residents and park users ran from 9th July – 6th August 2018; we received over 240 responses, 203 online and 38 paper surveys, which demonstrates just how valued Alexander Park is.

On 28th August we held a feedback session at the Pavilion in the Park where we presented our initial results and next steps; we had a great turnout.

The results of the consultation available to download as a PDF document (800kb)

Project considerations

Alexandra Park offers a good variety of play opportunities for a wide age range. Equipment was installed over a period spanning 1989-2010; the older pieces (some approaching 30 years of age) are showing distinct signs of wear-and-tear.

The majority of the play provision for younger children is contained within the fenced area and includes a mix of traditional equipment set in rubber surfacing, and more ‘natural’ low timber elements on the grassy slope. This project will consider the age, arrangement and play value of the current provision.

For a wider age group there is a zip wire, basket swing and rebound wall, a basketball hoop and youth shelter within the body of the park. The project will consider the current use, function and best placement of these pieces and/or any that replace them.

The implications for maintenance and inspection budgets must be a consideration of this project; good, sustainable design will be an important factor.

Alexandra Park has strong Edwardian design elements; previous projects have vastly improved the parks entrances and infrastructure and also the feel of being within an open space that has character and history. The team are mindful that any proposed changes to the hard or soft landscaping will require sensitive design.

The fenced play area at Alexandra Park, with traditional play equipment in rubber surfacing and ‘natural’ timber play on the grassy slope

Looking north, the rebound wall is one of a number of play facilities located outside the fenced area

Looking south from Alexandra Road, the zip wire is on the left, the fenced play area on the right (obscured by trees)

Further information

The history of Alexandra Park is described at Wikipedia, adapted from a document prepared in 1995 by Paul Hillman (decd), local historian and Borough of Poole Landscape Architect from 1989-2008.

Alexandra Park

Poole BH14 9EW

Project details

Budget £82,000
Funding Planning Obligations Penn Hill Ward
Project Leader Ruth Wharton
T. 01202 261700

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