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Newtown Ward open spaces improvements 2014-2016

Last updated 26th July 2016

Final designs

The public engagement programme included school visits, on-site consultation events at Turners Nursery and a family Funday at Haskells Recreation Ground; over 100 questionnaires were completed.

The results of the consultation are available (below right); they are presented in tables for each group consulted, and show average ratings for the various improvements proposed.

The list of improvements for each open space is also available (below right) and detailed design concepts were prepared for the three largest open spaces (see links below).

The spaces that benefited

Haskells Recreation Ground (1.58Ha / 3.9 acres)

See final design concept

• Equipped play area

• BMX track

• Pavilion and marked football pitch

Turners Nursery (1.6Ha / 3.95 acres)

See final design concept

Harford Road open space (0.83Ha / 2 acres) and Worbarrow Gardens (0.33Ha / 0.8 acres)

See final design concept

• Rebound Wall

• Trinidad MUGA

Branksome Cemetery (3.18 Ha / 7.86 acres)

We did not produce a full design for the cemetery. The access from Good Road was improved with new surfacing proving flat access into the cemetery, as well as new steps, railings, signage and gates. This makes the cemetery more accessible for all users and created a much more welcoming entrance.

Dunstan’s Lane Woodland (0.33Ha / 0.82 acres)

No design. The proposal was to make the woodland accessible and we communicated directly with local residents.

Uppleby Road open space (0.35Ha / 0.86 acres)

A new climbing unit was installed in December 2014 to replace the old, well-used one that had become worn out.

The rest of the Equipped Children’s Play fund wias spent on other minor improvements at play areas here at Uppleby Road, and at Haskells Recreation Ground.


There has been considerable housing development within the Newtown ward over the last 10 years and this has brought forward significant sums of money raised through Planning Obligations (Developer Contributions).

These funds were ring-fenced for improvements to existing open spaces, to help meet the increase in demand for recreation brought about by housing development, and prioritised for use to improve the open spaces across Newtown through 2014-15.

Future Involvement

Contractors delivered the majority of the practical improvements but we would love to engage with local communities and residents on ways in which they could get involved and be a part of the open spaces in the future. 

If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact Karl Stokes, the Lead Officer on this project:

Tel: 01202 261700

Email: environment@poole.gov.uk

Project details

Budget: £433,228

Funding: Planning Obligations (Casual Play & Amenity Open Space £400,471 and Equipped Children’s Play £32,757)

Lead Officer: Karl Stokes

Tel: 01202 261700  •  Email: environment@poole.gov.uk

Newtown Ward open spaces improvements - Master Planning approach (download the map, pdf 400kb)

Newtown Ward open spaces improvements - Master Planning approach (download the map, pdf 400kb)

Presented in tables for each group consulted, and showing average ratings for the proposals

Consultation results

Download the consultation results (pdf, 1Mb)

Download the results (pdf, 1Mb)

For each of the Newtown open spaces

Download the list of improvements (pdf, 100kb)

List of improvements

Download the list (pdf, 100kb)

The improvement project is now complete, with changes made across Newtown’s open spaces:

At Haskells Recreation Ground fences have been removed, trees thinned and undergrowth cut back to create a much more open and welcoming feel.

A new natural play space has been created, officially opened by local Ward Councillor Mike Farrell on 22nd July 2016. Earlier improvements were made to the vehicle & pedestrian entrance to the car park, new benches have been installed and a wildflower meadow area is now well established. The BMX area was also re-landscaped (details below).

At Turners Nursery old hedge lines have been cut back, and trees felled and replaced with more suitable species. Installation of new entrances, footpaths, benches and natural play features followed.

Work is also complete at Harford Road and Worbarrow Gardens open spaces where we carried out replacement tree planting and other landscape improvements, including a picnic table and small natural play area with balance logs and stone boulders.

Works are now complete

12th December 2014: ‘The Diablo’ climbing frame installed at Uppleby Road play area in time for Christmas

The new natural play area at Haskells Rec - officially opened by local Ward Councillor Mike Farrell, on 22nd July 2016


With this project we have aimed to provide a re-landscaped area for BMX users of all ages and abilities - one that can be maintained into the future and which will also allow the space to be used by other park users.

Working with local BMX-ers young and old alike, we held a Design Day on 31st January 2015; we followed it with a Construction Day during half term, 19th February when the BMX riders worked with our contractor’s diggers and dumpers to create the new mounds and ramps.

We hope that riders, park users and local residents can all help to maintain this area in the future.

Misuse of the BMX area

Sadly we have had some reports of illegal use by motor vehicles, such as mini-motos or quad bikes.

If you see the open space being misused in this way please call the police as soon as you can (dial 101) and provide as much information as possible; the police will use their powers to prevent this illegal activity.

Construction Day, 19th February 2015

Haskells Recreation Ground Turners Nursery Harford Road open space
Haskells Recreation Ground
Consulted with residents in May 2014; final scheme includes access improvements and planting
Turners Nursery
Consulted with residents on site in May; final scheme includes natural play and a new footpath
Harford Road & Worbarrow Gardens
Consulted with residents on site in June; final scheme includes natural play and a wildflower meadow