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Merley & Bearwood open space improvements

Updated 14th July 2016

The Projects have been completed

An assessment of the open spaces in Merley and Bearwood was carried out to evaluate the open spaces. Relevant Borough of Poole officers, ward Councillors and Police were consulted for their views relating to maintenance costs, any problems, complaints, usage level and potential for improvements.

Each of the ideas for site improvements were evaluated by three officers and scored according to the Borough of Poole priorities. Public consultation was carried out 16th December 2015 - 11th January 2016.

The highest scoring improvements were:

At Fenners Field, Merley Lane

Please refer to the numbered site map (below right)

1.    Enabling access to the grand veteran oak, which is approximately 500 years old!

2.    Enhancing play provision by installing wooden play features.

3-6. Widening paths and improving the bridges to enable access through the woods between Fenners Field and the Castleman Trailway which links to Broadstone, Wimborne and beyond.

7.    Creating grass meadows and planting trees to improve the habitat and visual appeal.

8-9. Improving the entrances to Fenners Field, making them more accessible and visible.

At Selkirk Close

Fenners Field - the grand veteran oak

Future involvement

We would love to engage with local communities and residents on ways in which they could get involved and be a part of the open spaces in the future. 

If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact Karl Stokes, the Leader on this project.

Project details

Budget: £31,796.49

Funding: Planning Obligations (Developer Contributions)

Project Leader: Karl Stokes

Tel: 01202 261700  •  Email: environment@poole.gov.uk

You can click on the image for a clearer view

July 2016: Enjoying the new play at Fenners Field